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Halloween Vocabulary List with Definitions

Let’s try to learn Halloween vocabulary.
Давайте попробуем выучить новые слова по теме “Хэллоуин”

Afraid: To feel fear in a situation. (adjective)
American: Something to do with the USA or the people who live there. (adjective)
Bad: The opposite of good, not a good thing. (adjective)
Bat: A flying animal that comes out at nighttime. (noun)
Black cat: A cat that has black fur. Considered to be unlucky in Western culture. (noun)
Blood: The red liquid found in a body. (noun)
Broomstick: What a witch would ride to be able to fly. (noun)
Bury: To place something in a hole in the ground and cover it with soil. (verb)
Candy: Something to eat made from sugar. American English, similar to sweets. (noun)
Carve: To cut parts of something away to make a pattern. (verb)
Casket: Another name for a coffin. The box in which a dead body is kept. (noun)
Cast: To use magic, to cast a spell. (verb)
Cauldron: The big pot a witch would use for making spells. (noun)
Cemetery: The place where dead bodies are buried. (noun)
Children: People who are aged 0-18 years old. (noun)
Cobweb: The material spiders make to catch flies. Same as a spider web. (noun)
Coffin: Another name for a casket. The box in which a dead body is kept. (noun)
Costume: Clothes to make you look like something else. (noun)
Creature: Another name for a monster. (noun)
Creepy: To be scary and make you feel afraid. (adjective)
Crypt: A room underneath a church in which bodies are buried. (noun)
Death: When someone stops living. (noun)
Decorate: To make a place look nice by adding pretty items. (verb)
Decorations: The items that are used to decorate something. (noun)
Demon: An evil supernatural monster. (noun)
Devil: An evil supernatural monster. Also the leader of all the demons. (noun)
Disguise: To wear clothes so you look different. (noun)
Dress-up: To wear clothes that are different form normal. (verb)
Evil: To be very bad and enjoy doing nasty things. (adjective)
Face paint: Special make up to be used on the face. (noun)
Fangs: Big long teeth. Vampires often have them. (noun)
Fear: To be scared or worried about something. Expecting something bad to happen. (verb)
Frighten: To cause someone to experience fear. (verb)
Front door: The main door in a house that is used most often, usually next to the road. (noun)
Full-moon: When the moon is a complete circle in the sky. (noun)
Ghost: The remains of a dead person, not solid can pass through walls. (noun)
Grave: The hole in the ground in which a person is buried. Similar to a tomb. (noun)
Gravestone: The carved stone that marks the position of a grave. Similar to a tombstone. (noun)
Halloween: A celebration of monsters and being scared on 31st October. (noun)
Haunted house: A house that has a ghost present. (noun)
Horrible: Something that is very bad, looks very bad. (adjective)
Howl: The long loud noise that a wolf makes. (noun)
Jack-o-lantern: A carved pumpkin in the shape of a face. (noun)
Knock: To hit something to show your presence, knock on the front door. (verb)
Lantern: An old fashioned device for giving light by burning oil. (noun)
Magic: The use of supernatural powers, when a witch casts a spell. (noun)
Mist: A type of weather in which clouds are near the ground and stops people from seeing very far. (noun)
Monster: A creature that is not real, it is often frightening. (noun)
Moon: The Earths satellite that can be seen in the sky. (noun)
Mummy: A monster where a dead person has been wrapped in bandages, buried and they have come back to life. (noun)
Nasty: Something that is bad or not nice. (adjective)
Nightmare: A dream that is frightening. (noun)
Party: A gathering of people to have fun together. (noun)
Phantom: A type of ghost. (noun)
Pitchfork: A farm tool that people use when chasing monsters. (noun)
Poltergeist: A type of ghost that moves things in a house. (noun)
Potion: A liquid made of various other liquids. (noun)
Prank: A joke that involves physical props. (noun)
Pretend: To imagine that something is real. (verb)
Pumpkin: A type of vegetable that is eaten at Halloween and used to make decorations. (noun)
Repulsive: Something that is very nasty and frightening. (adjective)
Scare: To frighten someone. (verb)
Scarecrow: A large doll that is made to scare birds away from a farmers field. It is believed to come alive and be a monster. (noun)
Scream: To shout loudly in fear. (verb)
Shadow: A dark place in which monsters might live. The shape made when something blocks light. (noun)
Skeleton: The bones of a body without any flesh on them. (noun)
Skull: The bones that make up the head. (noun)
Specter: A type of ghost. (noun)
Spell: A magical process to make something happen. (noun)
Spider web: The material a spider makes to catch flies. Same as cob web. (noun)
Spider: An animal with eight legs that is scary. (noun)
Spirit: The life within a body, may become a ghost when the body dies. (noun)
Spooky: Something that is frightening and scary. (adjective)
Strange: Something that is not normal, something that is odd. (adjective)
Supernatural: To do with monsters and magic. Something that is not normal. (adjective)
Superstitious: To believe in monsters and magic as if it was real. (adjective)
Sweets: A type of food that is made from sugar. British English, similar to candy. (noun)
Terrible: Something that is very bad, the worst thing that could happen. (adjective)
Terrify: To make someone very very frightened. (verb)
Tomb: A hole to bury a dead body (same as a grave) or a building to hold a dead body. (noun)
Tombstone: A carved stone to mark the position of the tomb. Similar to a gravestone. (noun)
Treat: Something nice, often candy to eat. (noun)
Trick or treat: To go to a house and to ask for candy. If no candy is given than a trick will be played on the house. (noun)
Trick: To play a nasty joke on someone. (noun)
Vampire: A monster that drinks the blood of people and can only come out at nighttime. (noun)
Wand: A witchs or wizards special stick to help them cast spells. (noun)
Weird: Something that is strange. (adjective)
Werewolf: A person that turns into a wolf like monster when there is a full moon. (noun)
Wicked: A very bad person. (adjective)
Witch: A person (often female) that uses magic and is evil. (noun)
Witchcraft: The use of magic to get what you want. (noun)
Wizard: A person (often male) that uses magic, may sometimes be evil. (noun)
Wolf: A wild animal that is associated with frightening things. (noun)
Zombie: A type of monster, a dead body that has come back to life and wants to eat people. (noun)

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