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1. Шерлок (Sherlock)
2. Игра престолов (Game of Thrones)
3. Теория большого взрыва (The Big Bang Theory)
4. Остаться в живых (Lost)
5. Доктор Хаус (House M.D.)
6. Сверхъестественное (Supernatural)
7. Как я встретил вашу маму (How I Met Your Mother)
8. Во в Continue reading…

Donk project sutra b

Donk Project – Sutra .mp3
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

B Max Russia
Cat: BM 005
Released: 16 March, 2012
Genre: Scouse House

320KB/S MP3
1. Sutra

Assault & Static Ft Gemma – Feel The Joy.mp3
DJ Assault – Dance Control.mp3
(Your Love Is Like A) Prison Continue reading…

14 случаев употребления

14 случаев употребления предлога OF:

1. принадлежность кому-либо, владение чем-либо:
the garden of my neighbour ‘сад моего соседа’
the nest of the bird ‘гнездо птицы’
the owner of the house ‘владелец дома, домовладелец’

2. авторство:
the stories of/by Rudyard Kipling ‘расск Continue reading…

“mr. temperament” by

“Mr. Temperament” by Hilary Lynn in the magazine Screenland (Oct 1935):
Claude Rains proves that an actor can be as “mad” as he likes, so long as his acting makes sense.
Small men are pugnacious. And most often tenacious. That’s why they make excellent fighters and fanatics. Napoleon was a s Continue reading…

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A Small Plates and Wine Bar Opens in Harlem and More Openings

A weekly updated roundup of new restaurants in New York City October 24Harlem: A new wine and cocktail bar with small plates called Rubys Vintage Harlem opened. Bites include a take on the reuben, and theres a cocktail made with ka Continue reading…

Al pastor specialist

Al Pastor Specialist Taco Mix Expands to Queens and More Openings

A weekly updated roundup of new restaurants in New York City October 17Jackson Heights: East Harlems hit taqueria Taco Mix opened in Queens, spreading its popular al pastor tacos all over NYC as it embarks on its ambitious expa Continue reading…

Don angie is the next

Don Angie Is the Next Evolution of Italian-American Cuisine

The restaurant from Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli is the rare red sauce spot that challenges diners Italian-American restaurants are simple. Theyre not known for their freewheeling interpretations of classics or elegantly composed s Continue reading…