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Don angie is the next

Don Angie Is the Next Evolution of Italian-American Cuisine

The restaurant from Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli is the rare red sauce spot that challenges diners Italian-American restaurants are simple. Theyre not known for their freewheeling interpretations of classics or elegantly composed s Continue reading…

“mr. temperament” by

“Mr. Temperament” by Hilary Lynn in the magazine Screenland (Oct 1935):
Claude Rains proves that an actor can be as “mad” as he likes, so long as his acting makes sense.
Small men are pugnacious. And most often tenacious. That’s why they make excellent fighters and fanatics. Napoleon was a s Continue reading…

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16 Interior Design Predictions for 2018 (And Whats on Its Way out)
➋ QUICK: Name the design trends youve been hearing about over and over again in 2017. Its pretty safe to say that millennial pink will top that list, mid-century modern is still kicking around, and, for better or for worse, shipl Continue reading…

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Семейные ведические традиции:

4 день Картики
9 день до Дивали

Одна из семейных традиций целомудренных женщин:


Karwa Chauth or Karak Chaturthi derives its name from Kartik Chaturthi which is the fourth day f Continue reading…

Ricardo bassetti architects:

Ricardo Bassetti Architects: Pascali Semerdjian arquitetos Location: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil Architect In Charge : Domingos Pascali, Sarkis Semerdjian Team: Fábio Rudnik Area: 70.0 m2 Project Year: 2017 Photographs: Ricardo Bassetti Interiors: Pascali Semerdjian arquitetos Ricardo Bassetti Text Continue reading…

Ministry of housing,

Ministry of Housing,
Communities &
Local Government
Guidance how to rent

This guide is for people who are looking for a house or flat to rent.

How to rent: the checklist for renting in England
Updated 9 July 2018

1. Assured shorthold tena Continue reading…

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Halloween Vocabulary List with Definitions

Let’s try to learn Halloween vocabulary.
Давайте попробуем выучить новые слова по теме “Хэллоуин”

Afraid: To feel fear in a situation. (adjective)
American: Something to do with the USA or the people who live there. (adject Continue reading…

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DIY: Jack-O-Lanterns 2018
Вторник на один день ближе к выходным. Но всё равно как-то тяжеловато на душе. Хочется собраться с друзьями, с семьей, с котом (и снова он здесь???) и отдохнуть. А тут ещё и Halloween намечается.

Самое время заняться подготовкой: определиться с развлекательной п Continue reading…